The NewsCorporation attemps to keep it’s share.

A recent article in the New York Times online, talks about the networks trying to recover lost advertising dollars. They are calling watching TV on the computer “lean forward entertainment,” sounds like they are unhappy that Google and YouTube are making the old broadcast model obsolete. YouTube is exploring advertising methods, just new ones, models that are choice driven.

The Monocle goes to the Digital News Affairs Conference and finds that the digital media audience is open to new models.  Traditional media is trying to compete, yet isn’t promised the prize, being the most poplular.

market research

I found this interesting article posted by the AIGA Journal: Design Meets Research. It says a lot about the folks who hire creatives, smart to consider when working in the advertising business. “Ethnographic research involves rigorous one-on-one conversations and observations with consumers in their everyday surroundings, be it at home, at work, shopping, in a bar and so forth. This approach helps marketers and designers understand consumers on a much deeper level than any other qualitative research technique.”

This year is a year of realization for me of what is on the market, what we have been led to consume. Market research has been used in a game of cruel manipulation, we are led to believe, for someones bottom line, that a product like fructose corn syrup is ok for you to eat. These kinds of products have stormed our culture. And it’s got me thinking. Using this research for making our lives authentically better is where my interests lie.

So do we know what we want or need? Can we discern all of this information, besides just believing it for it’s promise.


Bringing the emotions or the absence of them into any visual communication structure creates connections and attachment. A work of art or design can make you feel good, or bad, or clear… it can communicate something you’ve always meant to say but didn’t know how. It can relate us to others. Artist have done this throughout the ages. Giotto, an Italian painter and architect, is reputed to have started the whole fashion.


His characters are imbued with expression and emotion. They stand naturally, realistically.

Artists have forever been trying to bring into language the inexpressible element of humanity. Love, inspiration, sadness, joy… energy and movement. The very thing that would not be viewed the same between two people. Who, besides Piet Mondrian could have seen the world like this:


We use these expressions more and more with the advent of information and technology. Someone wanting to express their music visually would either do it themselves or have an film/ motion graphics/ animation artist create a music video to further express their vision. Like the editor/ musician that I have been working with Ajax Starglider.