Let your imagination fly.

Does this look like the doorway to the center of the earth?

Jules Verne went there in his imagination in 1864 and then Charles Brackett adapted the same story to a film, directed by Henry Levin, I have seen it by the way and it was spectacular to my 5 year old imagination.

Yet this particular “Door” is in Darvaz in Uzbekistan. Thirty five years ago, geologists were drilling for gas when they encountered a large cavern underground filled with gas. They ignited it expecting it to burn off in a few hours. The gas is still burning. It has been dubbed “The Door to Hell” by locals.

The mysterious stories that are engendered by thoughts of what is really below our feet at the center of the earth… Of course now we are much too scientific and oh so logical to think that it would be possible, no?

As if…

*cynical disclaimer

Publishers usually give Amazon a ~50%  discount on books so they can then re-sell them and it is often not enough?  Now I don’t of course know all of the little details that go into keeping the bookseller afloat and ahead of the technology but what about the artists.  The New York Times reports that it has prejudices against publishers that won’t even further undersell their inventory.

All is connected.

The Happening is a movie where all of the layers come together in an array of allegory and love. Story telling at it’s best, there is a subtle lesson. A lesson in love and the need to keep running, using energy.

I would love to be able to break it down in the literary sense but I am perhaps not yet well suited to recognize the techniques. Anyhow, the character development is done well, and in a short time, a picture of character mindset, lifespan, emotion, and perhaps folly. They are trying to escape what it is the storyteller never tells you directly, it is perhaps the plant-life of the planet reacting against the depletion of the earth and all of the negative energy that humankind pollutes the earth with, especially nuclear energy. All of a sudden the foil comes in to show that the characters are mythical lovers.

It is such a good film. Subtle and not jolting you or forcing one to see what it is to see but allowing one to come to terms with the moral of the story.



One of my favorite Directors is M. Night Shyamalan because he can tell a story, a story with mystical plots and suspense and they are full of imagination. They remind me of fairytales that really could be true, or if you can suspend your disbelief for the time they are.

Working in media/ entertainment production can really take the story away from you. It’s easy to tear the film apart for different reasons that pertain more to reasons such as inconsistent production or acting that is unbelievable because disconnected to the plot. The connection to the story is interrupted by… “oh, of course this is just a film.” So now I learn more about the devices one can use to bring in effects, like learning how to tell your own stories rather than being involved in someone else’s, but it takes a more masterful work to get my full attention to the story. Spectacular entertainment doesn’t work.

The Happening, and someone who has seen it is saying it’s really bad. Others are giving it better reviews.

The American Express commercial that he wrote and stars in is a beautiful work telling how it could feel to be able to see what demons lie behind some peoples masks, to let your imagination fly away with you.

I watch his movies all the way through gripping with my ears and eyes and imagination to his story.

It is scheduled for wide release on Friday the 13th.