The documentary film “Helvetica” by Gary Hustwit was really fun to watch and insightful, I mean someone makes the decision at one point deciding what font goes on a street sign and then we easily take that decision for granted as it becomes part of the audiovisual wallpaper of our environment. It was really intriguing to hear from some of the inventors of these fonts, clear legible fonts, to zany and beautiful fonts, and how important the design and visual harmony is to them.

Well here comes “Objectified,” about industrial design and all of those things in our environment that we use, where they come from and why they look and feel like they do. Mr. Hustwit is intrigued by these objects and how they effect us. It is still in production and is set for an early 2009 release.

However, if you are interested in toasters only you could just go to the Toaster Museum instead and deliberate over if the Prometheus or the Westinghouse is better.

Lumen Eclipse.

There is an outdoor venue for motion graphics in Harvard Square.  And there are eight short films displayed each month! Julien Vallee has created a short piece that I especially love (great editing, stop motion animation and sound design!)

“The project exists in three spaces:  Outdoors: on a pair of large outdoor video screens.  The screens incite public interaction with motion-based art by bringing artwork to the street, outside the confines of the gallery walls.  Online: as an artistic and informational community, LumenEclipse.com showcases artwork, interviews, news and events so viewers may learn about the art and artists represented.  Screenings: intimate monthly screenings at local venues facilitate conversation between art, artists and audiences.”

Le:60, a motion graphics/ film festival where the top films from each category will be played in the venue, is on September 27th.  The submission deadline is August 15th.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for exposure.

Radiohead, “House of Cards Video.”

Talk about creativity and innovative ways of expressing the inner scape of imagination.

“Radiohead’s new video for “House of Cards” off In Rainbows was shot without cameras and instead used a “Geometrics Informatics Scanning System” that uses structured light to capture the 3D images. The Velodyne Lidar system used 64 lasers spun at 900 revolutions per minute to capture the large environments, actors and Thom York all in 3D.”

In depth by Promo News.  Make your own version.

Oh!  …And a making of.

These guys aren’t afraid of hard work and taking risks for artistic experimentation.

Annecy 2008, Kunio Kato

The 32nd International Animation Film Festival in Annecy this year celebrated two anniversaries: The centenary of France’s first animated film (Emile Cohl’s Fantasmagorie) and the 10th annual edition of the festival, which has run since 1960. The International Federation of Film Critics reports on the Annecy Festival.

The 2008 Annecy Cristal for Short Films has been given to Kunio Kato of Japan with “La Maison en Petits Cubes.”  The story is described: “It is difficult to keep the house made of blocks out of the water. The grandfather who has lived in it has been constantly adding to it as the water level rises. This is the story about his family memories.”

from kunio kato's official web page

I couldn’t find any clips of the actual short film but found some of his animation style in, “The Diary of Tortov Roddle.”  It is a lovely work of imagination. I found the story and animation style almost surreal and the silence of the work, no spoken words, adds to the ephemeral quality of the story.

Misty Mountains

The forest was hushed and the trees and flowers were drenched with dew. An early morning photo of the Hyalite Reservoir caught the cool air and the stillness of the world just waking as the sun came over the ridge. To me it seems as though a chalice was tipped and is now left on its side as peaceful dreams were poured all of the night onto those sleeping in the world.

Waking Forest.

Filling Dreams.