Media change inevitable.

Many are now questioning whether the networks, such as ABC, NBC, CBS etc., are going to need a bailout as well. Variety reported on the common denominator being quite puffed up by advertising dollars which are shrinking with the economic chaos, in an article titled, “Network Bailout?

Cutting prime time is one suggestion. Fewer originals. Selling the time to production companies. Infomercials. Longform informational programming. Turn the broadcast network into a cable one.

Increase viewer interest with a more individual market type, not so mass, I mean people are so different, why keep trying to increase the market by size and not by quality of interest and importance. Good stories will never die, information and learning is of vital importance.

When the rich get so rich that the poor could never support that bloated bottom line what are we to do? How many times in history has this happened? Countless times and it is always painful.


All streets | Ben Fry

One thing I like to do as a designer and photographer is express something about the world, communicate something that is often unnoticed or not inherently a visual but perhaps a more subjective perception.

Ben Fry takes visual communication to a different ‘big picture’ level with All Streets and Zipdecode.  By using real life actual data to give us a different perspective of ourselves as a collective.

In All Streets the roads we build to connect us draw an interesting portrait.

All Streets | Ben Fry


Ernesto Caivano captures an epic story of love and longing, magic and desecration. He captures what to me is not just the formality of beautiful lines but a sense of romantic theater beyond words and his simplicity of line and volume only hint at what the story entails. Perhaps the birds are messengers between fairytale lovers who are trying to find one another from different lines of existence – an ancient idea but here retold to a modern world.

Here is some of the work I first found from 2004, he has done a lot of new work as well.

a breeze in the shadows ~ernesto caivanoA Breeze in the Shadows, 2004 ~

An offering for courtship ~ernesto caivanoAn Offering for Courtship, 2004.

He is a regular at Richard Heller Gallery and was showcased in the Whitney Biennial – 2004.

A sidenote, the Whitney Biennial 2008 website is here.

The power of waves.

These photos posted on The Moment Blog of the New York Times of Asako Narahashi are so interesting to me.  The motion of the world is so apparent in water and being out on the waves has always been such a powerful experience for me.  Especially the open ocean, even if it is within a bay, it is just so vast.  These photos visualize this moving, watery experience, especially Kawaguchiko, 2003, with what I think is Mt. Fugi in the background.

Asako Narahashi has been highlighted in the exclusive and sought after Paris Photo contest.