Ajax Starglider & Future Shock.

freedom camaroon

Bozeman right now is harboring a super talented man named Ajax Starglider, he hails from the sunny west coast and brings with him experience and talent appreciated by the youthful, the artistic, the musical and all the ones who dien to give more to the world than the average stories.  I mean he packs a hip hop punch. Ajax’s beats and sounds, his harmonies can be found here. His band Future Shock recently created the space in their lives to travel to Cameroon and perform and get to know some of the people. I have heard whispered tales of a documentary recorded during the adventure, something that I look forward to seeing next year. Ajax was kind and answered a couple questions to quench my curiosity about what they were up to in Africa. He is open to more questions if they are voiced.

First off can you talk a little about the inspiration that ignited this prolific exploration of music and story that is Future Shock?

Future Shock was born out of our hearts to express intelligent concepts that would relate to people and help them examine ones existence, and at the same time we hoped to encourage people to be themselves.

So you hail from the sunny lands of San Diego, and you and your family moved here, to Bozeman, a little under a year ago, do you think you can get Future Shock up here to play for us someday?

Yeah, maybe, we’ll see. I would just be happy if i could get some of those fools to visit.

Is there something in your musical inspiration that made you chose to go perform in Israel, in Cameroon?

I think there is something about music that transcends language, even in a music genre like hip hop that is so centered around its use of language. When we were in Cameroon, Africa at a radio station, they loved our music. The DJ at a radio station said “Even if we don’t understand your words, the flow of your lyrics penetrates our heart.” Also, I think in America we take for granted a lot of things and often lose our understanding of how good music is medicine to the soul. We are so inundated with choices that we often overlook the right ones and get lost in mediocrity.

What places did you perform while you were in Cameroon during this latest trip?

We performed in and out of their main city of Douala which is like their L.A. to California. We performed live on TV several times, several different radio interviews, clubs and several different concert venues throughout our 3 week trip. It was a crazy schedule. We were lucky to get a few hours sleep every night.

What were the connections with the audiences like?

The audience received us very well. I often felt more understood by these so-called foreigners then I have performing in the states.

You mentioned to me that people were interested in recording their music, what caught your ears and your eyes?

It seems that music is more of a real expression of ones identity there. For example we traveled to the pygmy tribes and delivered medicine to those in need and when they were done, it started pouring rain in the wilderness. The sounds of raindrops hit hard on the tin roof of the little building that we set up shop in. We were stuck until the rain stopped and it became pitch dark. A lot of us were worried if we would get stuck out there because it started flooding. Someone picked up a conga and people started singing and dancing with pure joy reflecting on the day. Amidst the dark all you could hear was this conga drum beating and people singing and dancing with strength. Every once in a while lightning would flash and I would get a brief glimpse of how circumstance was just oblivious to them. They were lost and found in the music. It made me almost jealous.

That is all for now, hopefully we’ll hear more from Ajax and Future Shock soon. Check out Fisheye Paradigm from Future Shock you wouldn’t feel disappointed.

N.A.S.A. Spirit of Apollo.

I just found Joyengine, based in Boulder, CO! They seem to have their collective finger on the pulse. They pointed to this work of music and animation by the talented group at N.A.S.A. featuring designs by Shepard Fairey.

N.A.S.A. (Squeak E. Clean & DJ Zegon) assembled an all-star team including Money ft. David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip for this track from their debut album “The Spirit Of Apollo”. The agit-prop video is directed by Syd Garon & Paul Griswold, & features the work of artist Shepard Fairey.

Journalist, photographer.

Sebastiao Salgado shows us what our world is made up of and many of the relationships and realities that we are a part of.  His work shows me the compassion it takes to realize that this amazing world where we live is a place where we often don’t know what it takes, what it means or what we must yet overcome to live here… simply because the world is such a big place and we are so small.

He must also feel the wonder and awe at a world that just is.