Inspiration from Antony.

AntonyAntony’s voice can knock your socks off. His voice embodies beauty, love, and compassion, perfect tune and depth of passion. If you haven’t heard his rendition of Leonard Cohen’s song, “If it be your Will” you must, it is truly amazing. He has offered words of inspiration to people singing their hearts out in Paste‘s latest issue. Vocal Tips. I believe his words apply for any artist working to realize a vision or expression. Words of wisdom.

You’re taking a risk, but you’re challenging yourself to be more vulnerable or to put yourself out there. In that vulnerability is great strength.


From the Crane website.

The Competition:, Discovery Campus and are hosting a film competition for creative talents from all over the world in the categories: Culture, Art&Design, Lifestyle, Fashion, Ideas, Travel and “Green”. We reward creativity and encourage you to offer fresh, insider perspectives into your topic of choice. We would like to feel inspired and enriched by your contribution.

Launch: 18th November 2008 at the International Film School Festival, Munich.
Deadline: 28th February 2009 Films: There are no boundaries to your creativity. The short films can be fiction, non-fiction or animated.
Specifications: Between 1 and 5 minutes long, preferably in English (or subtitled) and all standard file formats
Submissions: Electronically via the upload portal on Here you can also register your email address to receive the latest news on the competition.

The winning films will be selected by our accomplished jury and announced at the international launch of in February 2009. The rewards for Laureates include cash, equipment and TV broadcast. All entries will be available for viewing on when the competition is over.

Martian sunset.

Sunset over Gusev Crater, Mars.  This photo was taken by the Spirit Rover on May 19th, 2005 and posted on the NASA astronomy picture of the day website.

martian sunset

As long as we are on the subject of Mars, scientists using spectroscopy readings from telescopes in Hawaii have tracked changes in the composition of Mars’ atmospere over time and found releases of methane into the atmosphere. A very interesting read on Arstechnica, Mars Makes Methane: Sign of life or geology at work?

Aesthetics of the man-made.

I have always been interested in the line drawn between man-made and natural/organic. Of course on one hand it is perfectly clear, anything that man creates and introduces into the environment is man-made. I like to take it a step further though and bring up the argument of humans being part of nature, here on earth just like the grasses, trees, fish, other mammals, we are part of the ecology as is what we build or make.

Listed within the ‘Greatest Hits’ of the Design Observer blog I found a wonderful article breaking down, and tearing apart, the language of aesthetics, design and what man’s effect on the earth is. I think that the article entitled, ‘Justin Good: What is Beauty? Or, On the Aesthetics of Wind Farm‘ has wonderful insight into this issue of man within the environment. I love how Justin Good brings up the idea of good design being an integral part of living within the ecology not only as a destructive force. We have the intelligence and the capacity to not live beyond what the earth can support.

MassMarket Interview.

Justin Cone the editor for Motionographer and a Motion Designer in his own right has done a podcast interview with MassMarket‘s Justin Lane and Chris Staves.  They go on to talk about how the ball got rolling, a bit about the past, about the agency and then go into the nitty gritty of motion design and into working on projects.

Podcast from Motionographer

It’s great hearing about what goes into some of these projects, especially when they make it look so effortless.