neutral has meaning here.

i think it is great when policies are watched, when people care about them being created and think them through to the ends.  also keeping them as simple as possible. communications policy is a place for thinkers for sure. there is always an open door for creating opportunities in ways that create light and positivity if we allow. it could be taken as foolishness to do so as the cynicism runs deep but it is also, i think, hopeful and i would enjoy if i could help keep a positive way alive. i feel that the netherlands, in making a statement for innovative communication, keeps those communications far, far reaching. open, noticed by anyone who finds the connection. good decision making is so huge and communication lines closing feels unnatural and if too much power is held over the decisions… how could we think for ourselves? everyone is different. i listen.

ars article, netherlands becomes worlds second net neutrality country.

i would rather not give in to conspiracy or media/ice-sheet-darkness. of course one does not want to be ignorant of happenings but we cannot see or know everything. i relate to the indigenous way of living with nature, starting close and staying close to ancestors, family, neighbors, or those relations that are born of like-mindedness (which is easier to bring into touch through open communication). real people with real stories. not so much at the at0mic speed or time, cut and ticking on to something only based on a concept of order.  unless that power is of the most dire need.

could that condensed reality really be necessary to harness?

perhaps, perhaps not but the statistics and even recorded history correlate with the necessity, that power, being a part of how humans have reacted in the past, not just one name of one person, is showing an important pattern.  names seem to become symbols of what is made into a seeming scape goat for bad behavior.

later the symbol becomes another name and the game of not connecting the dots continues the chase of who to blame.  blame a name, very distracting indeed.

even rabbit guides

don’t go fast as light.

the cat would have pointed out

it’s not a chase.

the magic is not

insisting on seeing the spark or pointing it out

compressing it to it’s limit.

rather letting it be

movement and light.

i’ve learned from some that good decision making starts early and when compressed too much, can get hot.  Too much heat and you have a meltdown. To little and you never have a spark. But what is the baseline?

It’s all connected.

here is a picture of spiko creating cool shadows.

spiko frame

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