Return to life.

When we go on a hike it often takes us longer than average because we find ourselves investigating in wonder all the details along the way. We were within the forests around the Valle Caldera where there was a fire in 2013, along Thompson Ridge, burning nearly 24,000 acres of forest because a human’s electric line went down.

The beauty of the forest is returning though. There were signs of elk and deer bedding under trees and grazing the thick grasses that have repopulated the area rich in nutrients released by the burn. The wild iris were everywhere, from the low forest to the high meadows.

Nature works in ways that we barely understand. It brings life and death regardless of our human intelligence and meddlesome ways. Nature never does the exact same thing over and won’t keep like a museum of unchanging specimens for us to study. Nature will always correct what we mess up but it won’t be as before. I don’t have rose colored glasses on. The elements and energy have an entire universe of space and time to work with.

We don’t understand movement or change very well. I think, because we want it under our control and observation, most have little respect for that movement. In our need to harness nature and prove our power of survival, we don’t know how to respect and be open to that movement. It’s not that observation and study is not worth doing, trying to understand is important, it’s just that in that effort to understand we often make assumptions and become arrogant. Our needs often become taken care of by specialization of task and nature’s benevolence, so we forget and become closed to the infinity of possibility so we can rush towards a goal. I cannot help but ask, what is the rush? Where are we really going anyway?


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