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An interview of Shepard Fairey and Mike Miller discussing their collaborative Easy E tribute piece.

What strikes you most about Easy E’s involvement between the battle of free speech and obscenity?

SF: Freedom of speech is really, really important, so ya know…  the idea of obscenity to me… I can’t even relate to that concept because if it can happen in the real world then it can’t be obscene, obscene would be about something that couldn’t happen, so violent that it’s not possible.  But human beings are capable of a lot, so just reporting on what human beings have done is never going to be obscene.  There’s a debate about whether it’s glorifying or not…  I think people are sophisticated enough to see the difference between license people take creatively and what they are encouraging.  But yeah, I may not want my seven year old listening to NWA but I still think that NWA and Easy E have every right to produce the work they produce.

MM: To touch on what Shepard said… All they did was to explain how the streets were…  There were strawberries in every neighborhood.  Everything that was going on in their music was directly from the streets…  They didn’t make up what was going on in the lyrics, it was just the truth.

Link to the Shepard Fairey, Mike MIller discussion.


Influenced by the exploration of applications.

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Such an amazing part of the world. It takes me a long time to get a sense of place and honestly I haven’t yet found my place but living in Albuquerque has been an interesting experience. I could see myself living a long time in this land of enchanting colors and friendly encounters. I am often astounded at the beauty of nature in such a arid environment. This shot frames the sand hill cranes coming to winter along the Rio Grande.

Intriguing Campaign

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This campaign crafted around the same six lines of dialog was made for Philips by DDB, London, RSA Films and director Carl Erik Rinsch and it is amazing.  “The Gift” has won the Grand Prix at Cannes for the new category of Film Craft.

See for yourself…  The Gift.

Numbered Lots

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Downtown Albuquerque

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Albuquerque is a tough city to capture.  Its gritty side shows so well, its emptiness, its sun drenched contrasts, its bravado. The light is usually amazing.

And some time has flown by!

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I haven’t found the time to post about the newest adventure which is living in Albuquerque, NM, right on old Route 66 to L.A from Chicago. Going to visit Santa Fe tomorrow, one of the oldest cities in the U.S. 400 years, the anniversary was this year.

Very different…  more to come.


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The photograph speaks for itself, Jasmine is a beautiful person, inside and out. I love Photoshop for other details. Details like the unseen elements of our world.