Intriguing Campaign

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This campaign crafted around the same six lines of dialog was made for Philips by DDB, London, RSA Films and director Carl Erik Rinsch and it is amazing.  “The Gift” has won the Grand Prix at Cannes for the new category of Film Craft.

See for yourself…  The Gift.

Numbered Lots

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Downtown Albuquerque

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Albuquerque is a tough city to capture.  Its gritty side shows so well, its emptiness, its sun drenched contrasts, its bravado. The light is usually amazing.

And some time has flown by!

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I haven’t found the time to post about the newest adventure which is living in Albuquerque, NM, right on old Route 66 to L.A from Chicago. Going to visit Santa Fe tomorrow, one of the oldest cities in the U.S. 400 years, the anniversary was this year.

Very different…  more to come.


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The photograph speaks for itself, Jasmine is a beautiful person, inside and out. I love Photoshop for other details. Details like the unseen elements of our world.

clb makes the $50,000 page.

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clb makes a donation to the Rhizome $50,000 benefit page!!

clb on 50k

In the age of internet media.

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Rhizome has supported innovation and artistic exploration on the internet for about 13 years. Founded in 1996 as only an email list subscribed to by some of the first online artists, Rhizome created a space for artists working in emerging technologies to exhibit work, critique and define this new media and archive the work which is quite ephemeral as dot com time limits can expire.

Rhizome is a non profit and this month are holding a benefit: Rhizome 2009 Benefit There are still many spaces left on the $50,000 web page. Buy a pixel or a ticket to the event which will include works by innovative artists.


Rhizome is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology. Through open platforms for exchange and collaboration, our website serves to encourage and expand the communities around these practices. Our programs, many of which happen online, include commissions, exhibitions, events, discussion, archives and portfolios. We support artists working at the furthest reaches of technological experimentation as well as those responding to the broader aesthetic and political implications of new tools and media. Our organizational voice draws attention to artists, their work, their perspectives and the complex interrelationships between technology, art and culture.

Rhizome is located in the New Museum.

the new museum